Existence of a global weak solution for a reaction-diffusion problem with membrane conditions


Several problems, issued from physics, biology or the medical science, lead to parabolic equations set in two sub-domains separated by a membrane with selective permeability to specific molecules. The corresponding boundary conditions, describing the flow through the membrane, are compatible with mass conservation and energy dissipation, and are called the Kedem-Katchalsky conditions. Additionally, in these models, written as reaction-diffusion systems, the reaction terms have a quadratic behaviour. M.Pierre and his collaborators have developed a complete L^1 theory for reaction-diffusion systems with different diffusions. Here, we adapt this theory to the membrane boundary conditions and prove the existence of weak solutions when the initial data has only L^1 regularity using the truncation method for the nonlinearities. In particular, we establish several estimates as the W^{1,1} regularity of the solutions. Also, a crucial step is to adapt the fundamental L^2 (space, time) integrability lemma to our situation.